Life Experiences

Trees and pond – watercolor F. McDonald

It seems to me that we all have a variety of experiences. Sometimes those experiences are with people we know or love or with the natural world. Sometimes, as with dreams, those experiences are internal, experienced only within ourselves. I have tried to separate out those experiences with family and friends or those directly with the natural world from more interior or personal experiences known to me alone. This page is for those interior experiences.

  • A little love note from God
    Yesterday I looked up the date for my yearly physical with my primary care physician. As anyone who is on Medicare knows, there are rules […]
  • Esther’s prayer
    For our Bible study on the Book of Esther we studied the prayer that Queen Esther addressed to God as she was in fear for […]
  • Is this a sign that Mary is protecting me?
    Over a week ago my husband and I had trouble with our air conditioner which is installed in the attic. The air conditioner technician noticed […]
  • The extraordinary life of Mr. Doofus – part one
    When our daughter was in the seventh grade, her science class hatched out some chicken eggs as part of a science project. As the school […]
  • A Simple Gift of Bread
    Years ago I made multiple loaves of bread to be given to my family and friends as a Christmas gift – that Christmas was at […]
  • The Red Candle
    How strange the inside of a Catholic Church must seem to those who visit one for the first time! There are stained glass windows, holy […]
  • The Play’s the Thing
    In a homily about the Gospel of Luke chapter 1 verses 30-45 Bishop Barron says the following: “Upon hearing the message of Gabriel concerning her […]
  • A Simple Joy
    My friend, Sarah, visited me the other day. Sarah knew that I made jewelry and was hopeful that I could help her repair an old […]
  • The Greatness of Men
    I often complain of the dangerous things my husband does – climbing 12 foot tall water tanks and then falling and getting a separated shoulder […]
  • The Most Underpaid Laborers on the Planet
    Or maybe even in the Universe! Who are they? Mothers and dads are near the top of the list, but Guardian Angels are, to my […]
  • The Benefits of Looking Up
    It has been a while since I took the time to clean the grout on the kitchen floor. Usually I just take a steamer or […]
  • The Way of Freedom
    Exodus Chapter 4:10-12 Moses however said to the Lord, “If you please, Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past, nor recently, nor […]
  • Can This Really Be?
    Over the years I have prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet intermittently, most especially when my sisters passed away. I knew what Jesus taught to St. […]
  • Jesus is at work repairing His Church
    Last night before turning out the light, I checked my cellphone to turn down the volume, when I noticed an email from a friend. It […]
  • The dullness(?) of life
    In an article by Fr. James Schall, S.J. I read the following: In this sense, no human life, in its living out, is dull. It […]
  • This past month
      This past month has been horrid, in addition, summer is always a bad time for me. I don’t like the heat and can’t really […]
  • Sad Day today
    Today is the second anniversary of Christine’s passing. I don’t know why it always hits me so hard. I guess seeing my sisters struggle to […]
  • Experience after Communion on June 11
    A strange experience after Communion last evening – as I knelt after Communion, of course thanking Jesus for all He has done for me, praying […]
  • Vulnerable
    As I was reading and thinking about the Magnificat morning prayer this morning, it occurred to me how vulnerable Jesus makes Himself. I was thinking […]
  • Heaven, the heart’s deepest longing
    I am reading a book by Peter Kreeft about Heaven. Professor Kreeft is a philosopher, so I don’t understand everything he talks about. Philosophers have […]
  • Rosary for Maggie
    Today I received a rosary in the mail from the Little Flower Society. It is a red plastic rosary with some information about St. Therese. […]
  • Storm clouds east of Round Rock
    After we had left Sam’s to return home, I noticed storm clouds east of our location. I had seen some amazing clouds south of us […]
  • A difficult couple of days
    On Thursday morning when I arose, went into the laundry room to feed Lillie, I found standing water on the floor. Since the lights would […]
  • Simple Souls
    Hosea 14:10 “Straight are the paths of the Lord, in them the just walk, but the sinners stumble in them.” Matthew 10:16 “I am sending […]
  • Shawn Chapman and her meditations
    Karen sent me a link to Shawn’s latest post. This one was about the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our heart. The Sacred Heart of […]
  • Sunday May 18, 2014 – birds
    This morning when I let Lillie out and walked around the side of the house to check her water dish, there was a male cardinal […]
  • The End of one Path, will there be another?
    Today marks the last time that I took the Eucharist to the elderly. Once I had made the decision to retire from this ministry, I […]
  • Christ Dwelling Within
    One Sunday a month I take Communion to nursing home residents and those who can no longer join us for the celebration of the Mass. […]
  • Day of Reflection
    This morning I will be going to a day of reflection on St. Therese of the Little Flower. I am looking forward to it. Yesterday […]
  • Visit with Bette at the nursing home
    Yesterday I arranged to go visit Bette at Georgetown Living. Even though I had been adamant that I had to do this, when I drove […]
  • Pondering the past and the future
    Tomorrow is the third anniversary of my sister Jean’s death. She would have been 65 last July. I have thought about how I failed her […]
  • Visit to the Nursing Home yesterday
    I switched places with Janet yesterday and took her place going to group 7 which includes several memory care units. She will replace me next […]
  • Frequent Mass and Communion
    I have noticed that in those weeks when I only attend Mass on Sunday, I don’t feel a closeness to God. I tend to focus […]
  • Following Jesus
    “Martyrs are not made overnight.  They are persons who consistently lived lives of integrity and clarity, and when their moment of Truth arrived, they were […]
  • I can do nothing without God’s help
    Yesterday I was searching in the bag I carry with me when I take Communion to the Elderly for a little St. Anthony chaplet that […]
  • Imaginings
    There are times, particularly before or after receiving Communion, that an image comes to me. Are they images that I “made up” or has God […]
  • My reasons for starting this blog
    Why do I write this blog? Life is a mystery, and I want to explore the mystery. I can do that best by writing about […]