Biblical Heroines

The Movie, Esther

While these woman written about below have long ago passed into history, there are many other faith filled women whose lives have showed me the way. In time their stories will be posted here as well.

Ruth – WCSS study

We will be studying the Book of Ruth in our Scripture Study class this week. I have read the Bible passages several times and answered…

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Becoming Women of the Word

After reading the book “Becoming Women of the Word” by Sarah Christmyer, I encouraged our zoom group to choose one woman from the Bible to…

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Mary Magdalen

I was thinking the other day how difficult it must have been for Mary Magdalen and the other women to return to Jesus’ tomb. Most…

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Zechariah and Elizabeth

Luke 1:5:25 Zechariah was a priest (Levite), Elizabeth, his wife a descendant of Aaron, also a Levite The Bible says that both were righteous, living…

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Mary and the Way of the Cross

Karen’s friend, Shawn, wrote a post recently about the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Way of the Cross. According to Shawn and others, after Jesus’…

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Hannah, a childless woman

Our next lesson in this series is from the book of Samuel, chapters 1 through 3. The story revolves around the birth of the prophet…

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The Book of Ruth

“Too much Cecil B. DeMille and outsized language about the Power of God can give the false impression that when seas aren’t being parted or the…

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