Acts of the Apostles – WCSS letters

During my years as a facilitator for our Women’s Catholic Scripture study, I partnered with my dear friend, Karen. Together we wrote letters each week to the ladies in our small group. These letters were intended to remind the ladies of any important information about the chapter and to give them our reflections on the material we were studying for the week. The letters are presented in this section. The even numbered letters were written by Karen, while I wrote the odd numbered ones.

The Ascension of Jesus – pastel painting F. McDonald

Lesson 8 Acts of the Apostles

Franciene and I hope that you are enjoying this lesson about the struggles and questions that resulted in the first apostolic council in AD 49.…

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Lesson 9 Acts of the Apostles

Hi ladies, What interesting lessons we have had lately! It seems as though we are back in school studying world history again. The little details…

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