Experiences with Family

First Communion 1952 with grandma and grandpa

Dad’s Words of Wisdom

During the summer of the year 2000 my parents sold their home in Leander, Texas and moved to San Angelo, Texas to a new home…

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The Time I Saw Love

My life has been filled with love from its very beginning. I had wonderful parents who loved me, sisters, aunts and uncles and many cousins…

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We are like children

I have been so disturbed lately. I read all the news of what is happening in the Church. I don’t know what to do. What…

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The philosophers bench

There is a new program this week on EWTN called The Philosopher’s Bench. Two philosophers – Peter Kreeft and Tom Howard are talking. Yesterday they…

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Guardian Angels at Work

It has become apparent that my sister Christine had similar back problems to those endured by another sister, Jeannie. Recognizing the similarity of their injuries…

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