Gospel of Mark continued

Peter and Andrew were casting their nets when Jesus approached them. James and John were mending their nets when Jesus approached. It is curious why this is different. I thought the fishermen fished during the night. How is it that Peter and Andrew were still fishing? Why does the evangelist not tell us the time of day? Do the events happen right after one another or is there a long passage of time involved with perhaps a night between? Each pair of brothers responds immediately as we are told.

The words in Mark’s Gospel are said to be the result of Peter’s teaching. They are so different than John’s Gospel where Andrew is a disciple of John the Baptist, sees Jesus with John, son of Zebedee, and goes to get his brother Peter after spending the night with Jesus. Why the difference?

Next Jesus and His new disciples go to Capernaum where Jesus is living. Jesus teaches in the synagogue. People remark that He teaches with authority, not by reciting what others before Him have said. In the Gospel of Matthew, the evangelist reflects on how there was a prophesy about Capernaum, that it would be blessed when the Messiah came.

There is a story about a man in the synagogue with an unclean spirit, whom Jesus commands it to leave. This occurs in all three synoptic Gospels.

Healings at Simon’s house – Mark and Luke. First we are told that after leaving the synagogue, they go to Simon’s house. His mother in law must have lived with Simon, but she was ill. Jesus heals her and she is able to take care of them. In the meantime word has spread about the cure of the man in the synaguge and Jesus teaching, so people bring the sick to Him. They come at sunset when Sabbath was over. When Jesus cast out demons, He wouldn’t let them speak as they knew who He was – “from the beginning”.

Gospel of Mark – Adoration Notes

Chapter 1 John the Baptist preached in Judea Gospel of Mark

Why is it important to describe where John the Baptist preached and what he was wearing? Why is it important to describe how he was dressed and what he ate? Was his dress like those of the prophets – camels hair and rope? Does his dress proclaim one set apart? Different? For a special mission? Not dressed in ordinary clothes?

His proclamation about the “one coming after him” – was it an answer to people’s questions? When he says that he is not worthy to untie the sandals of the one he is announcing, does it point to the importance of the “One”, the holiness of the “One”?

“Baptize with the Holy Spirit” – if that says that the baptism not of water is from God, then it is more powerful, special and different than John’s baptism. Water cleanses and is necessary for life. Holy Spirit cleanses, changes, elevates, makes holy – new and different, connects one wit God. The baptism by the Holy Spirit is more desirable.

Jesus makes the journey from Nazareth to Judah to be baptized by John – He sanctifies all of the waters of the earth.

Before beginning His ministry, Jesus goes into wilderness to fast and pray, to perhaps find out the scope of His ministry. Matthew and Luke’s gospel explores this theme in more detail. “He was with the wild beasts and the angels waited on Him” – wild beasts did not harm him and angels wait on God – like the “beginning”, the creator is with His creation.

Jesus begins His ministry after John is arrested – conflicts with Gospel of John

All synoptic Gospels speak of beginning in Galilee – John does not.

Then Jesus calls disciples – also different from John’s Gospel where Jesus calls some disciples after His baptism

Apostles will still be fishing, only the catch will be different and harder – in a way.