The God of Surprises

Over this past week the weatherman had predicted rain for Sunday night into Monday and continuing during the day on Monday. Rain is so important for my husband and me as we collect rainwater for our household needs. The rainfall has been sparse over this past winter and in April we received less than a tenth of an inch when the month of April is when we usually receive the most rain in our area. The trees and all the native plants were thirsty after a dry winter and  especially after the trees set out full canopies of leaves and the wildflowers bloomed. 

Photinia after 25 years

My husband and I  made all the necessary preparations for the rain event on Sunday evening so that we would be sure to collect as much water as possible when the rain came. We eagerly watched the weather radar during the day and evening on Sunday to ascertain the truthfulness of the weather bureau’s prediction. We watched as a line of showers announcing a cold front approached us from north Texas.

Since the weather bureau predicted that the rain would come overnight, my husband and I went to bed believing that we would hear the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof during the night. When I arose on Monday morning the driveway and surrounding areas were dry; I had not heard any rain or thunder during the night. I was so disappointed and worried that this chance for measurable, collectible rain had passed us by. I looked again at the radar images and saw a small area of rain far out to the west of us, but there was nothing nearby that seemed to be approaching.

The swimming pool and some potted plants were in need of water, so I headed outdoors to attend to those needs. I had finished watering the potted plants and filling the pool which took about 30 minutes when I felt raindrops on my head. Before I could walk hastily indoors, the rain was coming down hard. Once inside I looked at the radar images on the computer. There were  large areas of rain headed our way. Where did the rain clouds come from, as I had not seen these radar images just 30 minutes before?

Yellow Iris

By the time Monday was over, we had received an inch and a half of rain. During the storms I ran outdoors several times to “save” some potted plants that were quickly being inundated by the heavy rain. We were able to collect over a thousand gallons of water from the rainfall.

I had to laugh later at my wet shoes, socks and shirts which came from my mad dashes between thunder claps to save drowning potted plants, because God had taken care of our immediate needs – and He always does. The weather bureau predictions of rain were correct, but the images on the radar maps which I trusted missed the rain until after it began to fall. 

God surprises me so often that in addition to saying that God is a  “God of Love” perhaps I should start saying that He is also “a God of surprises and unexpected blessings when I most need them”. I needed those surprises and blessings that were brought by the rainfall yesterday. So praise and thanksgiving to our good and gracious God who takes care of his little flock – and especially me.

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