A Psalm for our time

As part of an assignment for my weekly Bible study, each of us were encouraged to write our own Psalm. Given the times we are living in and through, an appeal to our gracious and merciful God is needed.

You have always been our shepherd.

Lord, God of Hosts.

You feed us and watch over us.

Your gather Your children in Your Arms,

And keep us close to Your Heart.

Ravenous packs of wolves surround us now.

They fence us in and seek to enslave us.

They would devour and destroy us.

We are alone and afraid.

But You, O Mighty God

You hold all things in Your Hands.

All the world is Yours,

For You have created and sustain it.

Come down from Your Heavenly throne.

Scatter and destroy the wolves who threaten Your flock.

Lead us once again to Your pastures where we will be safe.

We lift up our hearts to You this day

And praise You for Your goodness and mercy.

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