The Greatness of Men

I often complain of the dangerous things my husband does – climbing 12 foot tall water tanks and then falling and getting a separated shoulder will still climb that ladder again, pushing cars over the cliff – well “that”, my husband said, “was accidental”! Then there are the things I have stopped him from doing like taking down a 70 foot tall dead elm tree by himself. When I called a tree removal company my husband was angry, because he had spent hours thinking about how he would do the job and what fun it would be. But I digress.

Women are naturally more cautious, perhaps because of giving birth to and raising our children. The primary role which our loving God gave to women – protectors of the lives which have been given to us, we accomplish through often tedious daily tasks and an abundance of caution. God created men to be protectors as well. He gave men the strength and stamina and desire to do those necessary and often dangerous tasks. Caution was not one of the gifts that God gave to men.

I am in awe of men because of their physical strength and their courage. I was thinking this morning about the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, each man knowing full well that most of them would not survive the day, yet each man, in turn, strapped on his backpack, grabbed his weapon and climbed into the landing craft. The rest is history. Thank God for all of them! May they all rest in peace.

I know that there are some women, who are called to be courageous and strong as men are strong, but most of us are not. I honor those unusual women, as I honor all women for our own natural strengths. I think about nurses who face battlefield conditions to help the wounded – where does their courage come from?

Though I am strong for my age and my sex and always have been, my innate physical weakness, as compared to men, often made me angry in the past. Rather than being able to do what I wanted to do when and as I wanted to do it, I had to call on a man to help. Only when I matured emotionally and began to accept my limitations could I acknowledge my own strengths which are different from my husband’s strengths. There have been times when I have done a courageous or dangerous thing when the life of a loved one was in jeopardy. I wondered afterwards where I found the courage to do that dangerous thing, because I am naturally not courageous – even climbing a 6 foot ladder makes my knees shake and my stomach turn somersaults.

I have been amazed these past few days to learn that some men, all of whom survived multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, are now going back into danger to rescue Americans and those who helped our fighting forces – those our government has left behind. To know firsthand what the terrorists will do and yet face that enemy once again to save a life – who cannot be in awe of these brave men? I pray daily that God will protect these heroes, that He will give them success in their missions and that He will bring them safely home when their missions are accomplished.

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