The Most Underpaid Laborers on the Planet

Or maybe even in the Universe! Who are they? Mothers and dads are near the top of the list, but Guardian Angels are, to my mind, at the very top. We rely on them every single day, and we don’t even realize it.

Guardian Angel – watercolor F. McDonald

I was reading a biography lately and by page 40 of this book I realized that this individual written about owed his very existence, numerous times over, to his Guardian Angel(s). So I began to think about my life and the lives of my loved ones – how have we been impacted by these special beings God sends to protect us? It is astounding the number of events that I could remember in just a few minutes where Guardian Angels had to be credited with the safety of the individual. Let me list just a few examples that prove my argument:

1) As a toddler my daughter fell into the deep end of our swimming pool and would have fallen all the way to the bottom – 9 feet – where I might have been unable to save her. I had turned my back for just an instant to move the garden hose to another plant and when I turned back, there was my daughter with her legs sticking out of the floating basketball net. How did she manage to fall into the net and not sink to the bottom instead? I quickly pulled a screaming toddler from the net and vowed never more to turn my back on her. She was thankfully alive and safe and is still here with us. Was her Guardian Angel responsible for positioning the basketball net just where it needed to be? Maybe.

Jeannie Age 4 or 5

2) My sister Jeannie, at about age 4 or 5, climbed to the windowsill in my parents’ bedroom and proceeded to sit on the ledge of the open casement style window, her legs dangling outside the window from the second floor. A quick thinking neighbor noticed Jeannie and called our mom. Guardian Angel alert? Maybe.

Jill age 1 or 2

3) My youngest sister, Jill, still in a walker as a toddler, saw an open doorway to the basement and proceeded to roll herself toward it. Jill and the stroller were halfway down the stairs when our dad caught the stroller. Did a Guardian Angel alert dad who was doing something at his workbench in the basement and spur him to action? Maybe.

4) As a depressed/angry teenager – who isn’t at that age? – I decided to ride my bicycle to the Apple Orchard about a mile from our home. I had taken our family dog with us on a leash. She loved to run, so she was the perfect companion for a kid on a bike. My sisters and I often visited the orchard to purchase apple cider from the local factory there, although it was long past the time of the year when it would have been open. I proceeded down the long road to the orchard when the family dog stopped and could not be moved. No matter how I yelled or pulled on the leash, the dog insisted that we return home. So we did. Was there danger ahead? A Guardian Angel moment?  Maybe. 

5) A traffic accident after my high school graduation when mom, my three sisters and I were traveling on the Baltimore Beltway to a department store to shop for bathing suits for our upcoming vacation. The traffic had stopped for some construction when an 18 wheeler plowed into the back of our station wagon. Rather than being propelled forward to smash front end first into a line of traffic, the car with its occupants were thrown 90 feet off the side of the road, down an embankment, missing construction equipment lining the highway. There were a few injuries sustained during the accident, but all occupants of the car lived to tell the tale. Were all our Guardian Angels responsible for saving our lives? Maybe.

SUV resting over edge of driveway

6) My husband has had numerous “accidents” – and I say that lightly – while working around our homestead. I am convinced that multiple Guardian Angels are taking care of him.

a) He fell from a ladder while checking the water level in an over twelve foot high water collection tank and only sustained a bruised ego and a separated shoulder. He could have hit his head on the boulders surrounding the tanks, killing or permanently maiming him.

b) Last summer while moving our SUV into the shade without starting the engine, my husband managed to push the car over the 3.5 foot embankment supporting the driveway which is surrounded by boulders. He was pushing the car with one foot while the other foot rested inside the vehicle on the brake. Somehow my husband ended up lying in the driveway instead of impaled beneath the car on the rocks. He had a severe leg injury but after a few months recovered – somewhat humbled and more cautious, although I don’t expect that to last. Guardian Angel work – undoubtedly.

6) While returning home from my husband’s work after a rain, my car brakes failed. I was driving slowly on a two lane road which ended after a steep decline onto a four lane well traveled, high speed boulevard. My car brakes locked up, and I slid into the intersection unable to stop the vehicle. The car stopped in the center of the grassy median, passing cars and trucks screeching, weaving around me and honking. Guardian Angels on duty? No doubt in my mind – not just my Guardian Angel but the Angels of passing drivers who avoided hitting me.

I could relate even more stories, but I am sure that all of us have multiple incidents that “prove” the existence and presence of Guardian Angels in our lives. What is even more astounding to me than the presence of the Angels is that our Heavenly Father knows us so well that He is prepared for all contingencies to keep us safe while we complete the tasks He has prepared for us. Amazing, awesome and loving Father! 

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