The Benefits of Looking Up

It has been a while since I took the time to clean the grout on the kitchen floor. Usually I just take a steamer or a mop to my marble tile. Over time the grout and the marble has lost that off white color that it once had 25 years ago. The task of cleaning the grout is no longer an easy one on my 75+ year old bones. Getting up and down from the floor, and even kneeling or sitting on the floor can be a problem, but there are definite benefits as well.

While seated on the floor I was surprised to find bread crumbs underneath the refrigerator. As often as I vacuum and/or mop the floor, I thought that the area underneath the front of the refrigerator would be clean. I was wrong! From my position on the floor, I could now see the undersides of cabinet doors and drawers and all the coffee drips that someone, who shall remain nameless, left behind – that wasn’t me of course. The patterns and colors in the marble tile are much prettier from down here than up there. I can definitely see why I chose this marble tile.

Looking up to heaven with our eyes is often a great pleasure – how often do I do that? The color of the sky changes moment by moment, the shapes and colors of clouds delights not only children but grown ups as well, and the stars at night – who has not wondered about them – how far they are, how many there are, why some twinkle when we see them and others do not, what are their names, why do they make recognizable patterns in the night sky? Is it true that God has a name for each one of them?

neighborhood visitor

But what about looking up to heaven, not with our eyes but with our minds and hearts? The earth is a magnificent and beautiful creation. I am often taken aback with the wonder of it. To think that God made this world for us to live in! It is more beautiful than anything that man could create – what a generous and loving God we have! And what creativity! There are animals and plants which live in every different kind of ecosystem. Blind fish who live at great depths in the sea, insects and bacteria that live in permafrost. Bugs that prefer to live in my home instead of where God put them! Imagine that! Just the variety of birds and butterflies cause me to wonder at it all.

Looking up to heaven with our minds and hearts, wondering about that far away place – even if we had the very best imagination, we could not imagine “what God has in store for us” just as Jesus said so long ago. Maybe I will sit outdoors this evening and just gaze “up” at the sky and wonder.

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