Can This Really Be?

Over the years I have prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet intermittently, most especially when my sisters passed away. I knew what Jesus taught to St. Faustina, how He had encouraged her to pray for those dying, so the prayer seems especially important during those times. Some years ago I had seen a film on EWTN about St. Faustina and learned to cherish the words of Christ, that we needed to trust in Him to be there for us.

St Faustina and Divine Mercy

Trust isn’t an easy thing to do, especially for me. I have trusted friends and family and been hurt, as we all have been. Those individuals whom we have trusted are only human; sometimes their hearts are fickle, sometimes false, sometimes their hearts are even evil.

Over a month ago I received a “free” book in the mail from Relevant Radio entitled “Divine Mercy” which had been written by Drew Mariani, a radio host. I read the book and found it helpful and interesting. The book further cemented my belief in God’s Divine Mercy, and the book encouraged me to pray the chaplet regularly. I started to add that prayer to my daily devotions just to see if I could do it regularly. I admit that sometimes I don’t finish the prayer, as I often pray the chaplet after I go to bed in the evening.

I have also started to repeat the beginning of the prayer in times of great stress, in times of unusual need.  That stress happened recently when my husband had surgery and then due to some other problems that cropped up during the first surgery, needed more surgery. There were tasks which my husband had left undone at home, which I had to finish, devices that quit working and needed repair while he was away. During my husband’s recovery, it was necessary to drive him to doctor’s appointments, as he still wasn’t able to drive himself. Those doctor and hospital visits often required driving on roads that were unfamiliar to me or were heavily traveled.

As an older person I have become uncomfortable driving in heavy traffic, particularly when the speed limits are above 50 mph with multiple lanes of traffic or if I am not sure about the location to which I am going. My brain doesn’t respond as quickly as it once did, so I am nervous when driving in those situations. In addition, traffic in the surrounding areas has become heavy as the area has experienced great population growth. Younger people, who are more confident drivers, don’t make an exception for us older folks and grow impatient with us.

I often prayed the rosary when I was driving in the past and found that it was calming and in some cases saved me from making a fatal mistake. But now praying “O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the side of Christ as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You” over and over when I am stressed has had many benefits. The words calm me and make me more attentive to the road conditions. The words remind me that God is guiding me and is ever present to me.

The first time that I began praying those words of the Chaplet was when driving home from the hospital through a severe thunderstorm. My husband had asked me to leave the hospital earlier to avoid the rush hour traffic. As he was still waiting for his surgery in pre-op, I refused to leave him alone before the inclement weather began. I wanted to wait until his surgery was complete, and I knew that he was doing well in the recovery room before heading home. Once on the freeway and in the middle of rush hour traffic, the rain began to pour and lightning flashed around the highway. I was nervous and worried that I wouldn’t make it home. So I began praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as the cars around me splashed through the driving rain, sometimes slowing due to the intensity of the downpours. While the drive home took much longer than usual, I pulled safely into our driveway and put the car away in the garage.  

The book’s author, Drew Mariani, wrote about multiple Divine Mercy miracles in his book. I have a few of my own to relate, although they seem really simple. To many these “little miracles” may not seem like miracles at all. But to me those little things are proof that God is watching over me and is accompanying me on my journey through life.

When driving on a freeway even when it is not rush hour, I am always concerned about merging into traffic from the access road, as the traffic is often bunched up around an entrance ramp. I have found that recently, as I have been praying and trusting in the Lord, that there is always a space available for me to enter the flow of traffic. I have also noticed that I am not as nervous when traffic is heavy. I have confidence that I will find my way to wherever I am going, whether to a hospital, doctor’s appointment or back to my home.

Traffic lights seem to turn green ahead of me, though when they turn red, I am unconcerned as I know that God has a plan and is watching over me. The red lights just remind me that the timing is in God’s Hands.

My husband is recovering, although more slowly than we had anticipated. Eventually, my life will return to a kind of normal. For now, at least, I am content to wait for God’s timing to make everything just the way He planned.

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