“And God shows His glory in all that we find”

Broken stems

Several years ago I found a few small stems of a cactus languishing in a small pot. I had not purchased the plant, or I would have remembered doing so. My husband didn’t remember buying the strange little plant either, but somehow the little stems came into our possession. I hate to throw away living things, so I replanted the spindly stems in a more respectable small pot. I said a short prayer over the pot as I wished it well: “ it is up to you little cactus. Grow and thrive as you are meant to do.” 

As the plant grew and thrived over the next couple of years I moved the stems to a new larger pot – a broken clay turtle which was missing a foot – that weird, slightly tilter pot seemed appropriate for such an unusual plant. I placed the turtle pot in a sunny spot and watered it weekly – the cactus plant happily grew and produced new stems over the past couple of summers.

Cactus in turtle pot

With occasional watering and its special place in the sun the little cactus grew. Even for a cactus, the plant’s long stems remained unusual looking as the stems multiplied, forming new stems at weird angles to the original stem. Then last year I saw something developing on the cactus that I didn’t expect and had seldom seen in cacti. The plant was developing a flower bud! When at last the flower opened, I was astounded. What had been a spindly little cactus struggling to live, unnoticed by us for years, had produced a large, magnificent and complicated flower.  The flower bloomed one night and lasted only until morning. Sadly my strange little cactus had no other blooms that year.

We had a difficult winter in 2021 with very low temperatures and even ice and snow which lasted for over a week. Just to be safe when the harsh weather was predicted, I had moved the cactus, along with a few other tender plants, inside to the seldom used breakfast room, where they took up all the space on the kitchen table. 

Blooming cactus

When spring finally arrived I moved the “turtle pot” cactus with its long stems, back outdoors. Just last night the cactus bloomed again, although I had been watching the blooms forming for several weeks. The cactus has two more blooms coming, and then, as in years past I suspect, the magnificent blooms will be gone for another year.

This strange little plant has given me such delight! I couldn’t have imagined that such an unusual, spindly looking cactus could produce such a beautiful and colorful flower. This is just one more proof that our world is full of wonder and surprise lovingly given to us by our Heavenly Father. We are all so very blessed to be His children.

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