Hymn – Christ Be Our Light addition

Reflection for Hymn to Christ for chapter on Phillipians as part of our WCSS chapter study on Phillipians

The church is dark. No one is there. The only lights are a candle burning near the Tabernacle and a soft spotlight on the crucifix. It is quiet. I am alone looking at Him, trying to understand. I see no hint from his facial features. Why was He willing to suffer so for me? What have I done to merit this great act of His? Even my creation had nothing to do with me. I couldn’t not will it; I could not sustain my life without His willing it. What mystery lies behind His great sacrifice? What is it that we do not know about God, about our creation which might provide an answer?

His face seems so restful, so reposed. It is the image of the end of His suffering as He lies dead. Soon he will be taken down from this instrument of torture and placed in a cold, dark and quiet tomb. He will be alone. Does He know this? Does He feel the cold of the stone on His body? Does He wait for the right time to rise?

How can I speak with Him? How can I say how grateful I am to Him for his sacrifice? What can I do to repay Him for all He has done for me? Everything that I would do would really be a gift from Him to me? I have nothing that He did not give me. Even my very breath does not belong to me. Maybe my love is all I have to give?


In the darkness and the quiet

With only candles to light my way

I come to you, O Lord.

I see your face so still

I see your outstretched arms

I see the wounds upon your body

I put them there.

And yet you still love me

How can this be?


One of my favorite hymns – this should be sung to the tune of Christ, Be our Light

I was alone, lost and unhappy

Searching for truth, looking for life

Full of despair, I felt forgotten

Would I find You again?

Shepherd of souls, 

Search for the lost,

Search for the lonely.

Shepherd of souls

Bring us all home to you again.

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