Messianic Psalm

An exercise of writing our own psalm during our study of the Psalms.

The Lord is robed in beauty, majesty and mystery.

Holy and Powerful is His Name.

By His Word of Love all that exists came to be.

The Lord looked with love on all that He created,

And the Lord was pleased and called it Good.

The Lord chose a people who would be special to Himself,

Among all the peoples of the earth.

He nurtured the people, protected them and taught them.

His special people would carry His message of love to all the earth.

And through the Lord’s people all earth would be blessed.

In the fullness of time, the Lord,

Leaving behind His robes of glory.

Came to live among us as our Brother.

He took on our human form with all its sorrows.

He became our Teacher and the Healer of our wounds.

With His mighty power the Lord leads us.

He feeds us with His Life and shelters us with His Love.

We have nothing to fear with our Shepherd at our side.

There is no god like our God in all the earth.

May all mankind praise His Holy Name.

May all the earth worship our Savior Jesus Christ.

To our God give glory forever and ever.

Let me never be separated from You as long as I live,

And may I live with You forever.

From the time of Abraham, God has chosen a special people to love and to share His message of hope and peace. He formed this people, instructed them, and carefully led them on a path of His choosing. When they had been enslaved in Egypt, the Lord sent a prophet Moses to bring them to the Promised Land, to teach them again the ways of God. Throughout the centuries God watched over them, always bringing them back when they wandered away from His love. When the time was right, God came to earth to live among us, shedding His robes of glory to show us in person the way to live. He wants to be our Friend, to live with us forever.

“Stay here and watch with me an hour.

For I feel so alone, so fearful of what is to come.”

But even then we failed Him,

Our Redeemer, the God who loves us.

He gave everything to save us.

He continues to call us back to Him.

He never gives up on us.

We are not worthy of so great a love.

May your praise be always on my lips,

Your joy in my heart, and

Your love in my soul forever.

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