Wedding at Cana

I was thinking something this morning as I was praying the rosary. In one episode of The Chosen there was a “re-enactment” of the wedding of Cana. What I found most interesting about this episode of the film, when Jesus has turned the water into wine, the steward remarks that the bridegroom (his parents) saved the best wine for last. I have always read that statement as a negative, as the best wine is expected to be served first and when the guests have drunk a lot, they won’t notice the quality of the wine served last. But the steward remarks in the film (I am paraphrasing) that the generous bridegroom has honored his guests by serving the best wine in a way that most hosts would not. The scene concludes with the guests being overjoyed at the goodness of the bridegroom. So I was thinking that just like bridegroom in the wedding at Cana, God also kept His best to last. (Probably not my original thought but something I read and didn’t connect with at the time.) First there were the prophets and judges and other servants of God – honorable and worthy servants of the Lord to be sure – but God gave us His Best in Jesus in “the last days”, as our times are called. Lovely thought on a beautiful day. Enjoy the day everyone!