It has been a while

Lots has happened since the last time I wrote here. I had planned to do the consecration to Jesus through Mary on the anniversary of Jill’s passing. The corona virus has closed our Churches, so I just knelt at the foot of my bed, expressed my love for the Lord and His Mother. I hope that was okay. I never did get out to the cemetery as the county is on a shelter in place order. It is a strange time.

Sometime last week the psalm in the Magnificat morning prayer had a line which read “in your hands is my destiny”. The line jumped out at me, so I have been repeating it often as though the Lord meant that line especially for me at this time.

The book club at St. Rita’s has been delayed but since I have the book, “Becoming Women of the Word” by Sarah Christmyer, I have decided to get started on it. I am impressed and fell in love with it in the first chapter. I will wrote more later, answering the questions for reflection that she has suggested. For now I think I need to do something about lunch which will be in an hour or two.

African violet pastel F. McDonald

I pray that God will protect us all.