Jesus is at work repairing His Church

Last night before turning out the light, I checked my cellphone to turn down the volume, when I noticed an email from a friend. It was a continuation of a conversation we – she and others – had been having about the state of the Church. We all feel sad and angry, but more than that, we feel disoriented in a way – as though someone has torn away that which gave our lives substance, strength and a path on which to walk. The Church had been for us the only light and truth in this difficult world. As I switched off the lamp, I sent a small, tearful prayer up to God that He protect and restore His Church. Then I fell asleep.

I awoke about 5AM with leg cramps after having a detailed dream. There was a Church – nearly destroyed, its roof and walls broken but with small pieces of daylight shining through the brokenness. The Church was darkened, the Crucifix was gone, the altar was in shambles. A small figure, a nun or sister, was seen scurrying away in the darkness, her habit flowing behind her as she moved. I learned that a congregation of religious women had taken the Tabernacle, which houses the consecrated Body of Our Lord, and were keeping it safe. 

Then another figure, strong and upright, approaches from afar – a knight in white, whose clothes are torn and dirty. The knight enters the Church and kneels before the broken altar in silence. After a period of time the knight rises and begins to work, cleaning up the Church. As the days progress he is seen with his war horses pulling the large blocks of stone into place. At night the outline of his figure can be seen kneeling straight and quiet before the altar. Finally, the cross, its wood burnt and charred, is lifted into place through a hole in the roof. Though the Church is not the magnificent structure it once was, now, broken and disfigured, it has become once more a place of worship.

I can’t help but believe that God sent the dream to assure me that though the Church I once knew and loved seems to be in shambles, He is at work in the darkness and the apparent destruction, repairing what is broken.