What I have learned this last week

This post was from early in my closer relationship with her. Jill was hospitalized this week after falling, breaking her arm. Her potassium and electrolyte levels were off.

I visited her and tried to have a Priest give her an anointing. I don’t know if it will work out. Fr. Tim did visit Jill yesterday, but she was sleeping and continued to sleep through 8:30 in the evening when I stopped calling her.

I have learned and accepted that God’s timetable may not be mine. As an oldest child I try to fix things. Some things, I know, God has to fix. If Jill is released from the hospital today, she will not see Fr. Tim, who promised to return this afternoon.

The Good Shepherd

In trying to explain Jill’s relationship with God to her, I “fortified” my own thoughts. Jill had been afraid that she would die and not be able to see her family afterwards. I explain how in Baptism we become part of God’s family. After that time God is always with us. When we sin, we turn our faces away from God. When we repent and ask for forgiveness, Jesus brings us close to His Heart just like in the picture of the Good Shepherd. Even if Jill ends up not seeing the Priest, I have heard real repentance in her voice. I know that God will forgive her. I tried to tell her that.

I recognize how limited Jill’s ability to express herself is. Is that the reason for the anger that is directed at those who disagree with her?