Our Blessed Mother and Elizabeth

Monday morning while praying the Joyful Mysteries, I had a beautiful picture of our Blessed Mother Mary. When we think about Mary going to visit Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, I often think about how difficult the journey must have been. I have read that it would take someone 18 days to travel between Nazareth and Ein Karem. We don’t know if Mary traveled alone, on foot or with a group though I suspect a group of people just because of the danger involved. But I started thinking about what Mary would do for Elizabeth, an older woman who was very pregnant. I thought about the time I was pregnant and how difficult it was to bend over. And in my mind I saw our Blessed Mother washing Elizabeth’s feet, because it would have been a difficult thing for Elizabeth to do. There was Mary kneeling before her cousin, giving what comfort she could give. The future Queen of Heaven caring with great tenderness for the mother of John the Baptist.