Jill is dying but what incredible stories

I am coming to know about my littlest sister in these past few days and week than I knew before.

Everyone at the nursing home speaks of how they just love Jill. I never knew. They love her jokes and her feistiness. They spoke of her courage and willingness to do the hard thing and go to dialysis even though she didn’t want to. They spoke of Jill’s kindness to others. Who knew? Not me.

But what I am hearing is such a blessing to me. I thank God that I have this opportunity to learn this about my youngest sibling. And it gives me confidence that Jill’s eternal home will be in heaven with God.

One of the ladies at the home who went to dialysis had to have a thumb amputated. Jill went to the lunch room with her everyday after that and actually fed the woman.

The drivers who took Jill to dialysis have been coming to visit even in the middle of the night while Jill lies dying. They try to feed her and give her liquids to drink. They talk with and to her. They remind Jill that she is loved.

Darla, a friend of mine and ombudsman at the nursing home, has helped me with Jill’s care. She visited with Jill yesterday and spoke with her.

How is it that I have been so ignorant of who my sister is?