God works in silence – Part 2

euphorbiaSome years ago I wrote a post about how God works in silence, far away from our eyes and ears. The previous post was about the small discarded stem of a plant that had fallen into a bucket of potting soil. Though the soil was subsequently covered, when I returned to the potting soil to use it again, I noticed the forgotten stem had grown roots and leaves. Now the plant is huge and there are several more pots of this plant growing from the original. Far from my eyes, God was giving the little stem a possibility of new life, preparing it for when I found it.

I was thinking about our silent, ever working God this morning as I prayed the Glorious mysteries of the Rosary. I was thinking about the Resurrection and other “mysteries” of Christ’s life. The most important events seem to be hidden from the view of human eyes. A few of the mysteries are attended only by a chosen few, for example the Transfiguration or the raising of the daughter of Jairus.

And it seemed to me that God works on our souls in silence as well, in the quiet and darkness, far away from our eyes or even our thoughts. Now and then we notice that we have changed, and if and when we turn to remember how we once were, we see only shining little breadcrumbs to mark the way our souls have walked. We recognize then that God has been at work, slowly and silently filling our souls with His work and His love. And we are awestruck that our patient God has been so diligently at work, making us more like the image of His Son.

May the Lord be praised through all the earth.