We are like children

I have been so disturbed lately. I read all the news of what is happening in the Church. I don’t know what to do. What happens, I question, if the Church veers away from the path which Christ set out for us? What happens if the Church is changed by those who flaunt His laws and have become a law unto themselves? Where do I go? How will I know which path to follow?

Watching the movie “Full of Grace” the other day, I can’t quit thinking of what Mary said to Peter near the end of her life – it is just a movie, yet the words ring true to me. In the film Peter was confused as he knew that Christ had left him to lead the Church. Peter doesn’t know which path to take; there are so many questions and problems. Mary says that the answer is simple, that Christ left Peter in charge, because of Peter’s simplicity. Jesus has already “blazed the trail.” Peter’s task is to follow. It is not Peter’s task to lead, to make a new path. He must simply follow His Lord.

The Catholic Ladies Book Club is reading a book on St. Therese entitled “The Way of Trust and Love” by Fr. Jacques Philippe. St. Therese discovered, or perhaps re-discovered the path of love. I have been thinking about this book as well this week. How do I emulate St. Therese? How do I gain her peace? I am confused by so many things.

This morning as I was waking up all of this was on my mind. I said my little morning prayer to the Lord – “I offer You this day. May my thoughts, words and deeds bring glory to Your Name” – when I thought of Aunt Rose – this was a surprise. Aunt Rose was a simple woman of great faith and love. Aunt Rose simply followed Christ. Aunt Rose simply loved those whom God put in her path. Aunt Rose was full of joy. She loved the simple things like going to her senior club, playing bingo, taking Aunt Mary and cousin Prudy out to shop and lunch. Aunt Rose didn’t worry about the right path – she knew she was already on that path. Aunt Rose was following Jesus.

God sent me thoughts of Aunt Rose this morning to light my path, to give me courage andauntrosecropped confidence and peace. I am to do what Aunt Rose did – be at peace, and simply love, in all my little chores, those whom God has given me to love. I am not to worry about the decisions of others, of where they might try to lead the Church. Christ is leading His Church – even if it goes off the path, He will lead it back.

As her life was ending Aunt Rose told us that she wanted to live, that she would fight the kidney cancer which was attacking her. But if the time came when it was obvious that the fight was lost, it was okay, said Aunt Rose, for Aunt Rose knew where she was going. Aunt Rose didn’t worry that the Church was on the wrong path, that the leaders were making mistakes, that some weren’t following Christ themselves.

Thank you Aunt Rose for following Jesus, for showing me the way. That is all I am asked to do. Like Peter, I am only asked to follow, for Jesus knows the way.