Night blooming cereus

mother plant night blooming cereusTwo years ago I was given a “start” of a night blooming cereus from my friend, Luanne. The plant I was given was just a few leave stuck in a small pot with dirt. Over the first summer and the next the plant grew tremendously. Cereus is a kind of cactus which does not survive freezing weather, so each winter I put the plant on the sun porch to protect it from the low temperatures.

Last winter the plant was so huge – obviously I had re-potted it to accommodate the large size – that I had to break off some of the leaves so that the plant could set on a table on the porch. Usually I hang the plant from a tree branch. I hate to throw away anything growingdaughter plant night blooming cereus which is why I have a half dozen Aunt Rosie philodendrons, so I got a pot with some dirt and stuck the leaves in the pot. The leaves survived the winter and this spring I put the pot of leaves outdoors. What has happened to the plant is phenomenal. Each of the leaves which were just stuck in the dirt last winter has grown multiple leaves on the sides of the leaf. I am afraid that the plant will fall over so I will buy a pot from Home Depot as I did last year for the mother plant and hang this one from a tree.

What this continues to show me is how amazing is the world that God has given us, how living things are meant to thrive.