Jill, once again

Jill has had another episode where she began to hold water, lost oxygen and ended up in the hospital. Again I rushed to the hospital, visited her every day and then today was told by the nurse that Jill didn’t want dialysis even though it was her regular day. The first day Jill was hospitalized the dialysis took 6.5 pounds of water off of her. Jill had dialysis today even though she balked at it. I know it is difficult. I wouldn’t want it either.

But I started wondering about whether Jill is refusing to go when she is at the nursing home. I notified the doctor that Jill isn’t eating a renal diet at the home. Is it because she refuses the renal diet or is the nursing home not making it for her? I called Darla to find out. I hope that information is available.

After talking with John who has said that he won’t force Jill to eat what she should, because Jill is an adult who can make her own choices, I started thinking about all of this. If I find out that Jill is refusing to go to dialysis or refusing a renal diet, I will have to give her an ultimatum. I am not doing this anymore – worrying, visiting, trying to be a good sister. This is wearing me out, and it isn’t fair to me.