A special morning

My beautiful Lillie

As has been my morning habit since my friend Lillie passed away, I took my cup of tea outdoors, sat in one of the lawn chairs and enjoyed the little bit of coolness we will have today.  I always check on Lillie’s final resting place, for I know that some of the wild creatures who live nearby might want to disturb her. Miss Kitty took her place next to me, doing her best to have all of her favorite spots rubbed and scratched. The sun was coming up just over the trees. There were just a few clouds, and those were on the horizon. I had put the bird feeder on the little metal table when I first came outside and already the titmice and chickadees were flying in for a bite to eat.

I sit very still when I am outdoors in the morning, as the bird feeder is less than ten feet away from me. I don’t want to frighten these little friends. I know they are hungry. And they get fussy when they are disturbed from eating their morning meal.

Then from back behind the water storage tanks I saw something coming toward me. It was a little grey fox. I am amazed at how small the foxes are, and how very thin. Miss Kitty is almost as tall as the fox and definitely fatter. The fox walks with his tail straight out behind him, as though he is carrying a flag. I had seen him once before in the yard when I was pumping excess water from the pool. The fox had come to where the water was pooling to have a drink. Today there was no water, but it turns out there was something even better.

grey fox copy
Small fox

Mr. Fox sauntered around the grass about 30 feet from me, never noticing that Miss Kitty and I were watching him. He didn’t seem to know that we were even there. The fox was searching for something to eat in the grass that Larry had watered last evening. And that search was successful! For almost 15 minutes the fox wandered around the wet patch. It seemed to me that he was eating bugs, although it was too far away to see what he put into his mouth. Every now and then the fox would jump and pounce on something in the grass. It must have been crickets. After a while the fox continued on his way to the woods which surround our home.

I was filled with joy and peace at the sight of these little four legged creatures and birds who live around our home.  I know God prepared this little scene for me,  and I am grateful.