Jill in Cedar Park

Jill is now in a nursing/rehab in Cedar Park. She was not answering her phone or room phone, so I went there. Her bed was too small – I had that changed. I questioned her pain meds and got two different answers. The PA should be there today. I will call later this evening and see if anything has changed. She is in a lot of pain. Jill has a blister on the bottom of her right foot which has broken open. The PA is supposed to look at it. The doctor only comes on Friday. I asked for her to receive Communion. I will call St. Margaret Mary later today.

Thinking on the way home how difficult it was for Mary to watch her Son suffer. Please, Mary, help me. I am so tired of doing this.

December 16, 2018

Jill is still in the nursing/rehab in Cedar Park although a few days ago she fell from bed in the middle of the night. Jill was taken to Cedar Park Regional Hospital. Once there it was discovered that Jill had pneumonia. I visited with her yesterday. I was going to visit again today, but I am tired. I didn’t sleep well and have been busy, and Erin and Shamma are coming over in a few moments. Jill still does not answer her phone when I call when she was still in the nursing home. Part of that might be because of the pneumonia – perhaps she has been sleeping too much.