Kingdom Parables

Matthew Chapter 12:27-28 “If I expel demons with the devil’s help, by whose help do your people expel them? Let them be the ones to judge you. But if it is is by the Spirit of God that I expel demons, then the reign of God has overtaken you.”

Jesus could not be more clear. They have seen His works. They have followed Him everywhere. It appears that there is no where Jesus can go that a Pharisee does not “pop up” watching and waiting for Him to make a mistake.

I understand that the Pharisees were and considered themselves “protectors” of the Law, those to whom the sanctity and purity of the Law was entrusted. But the Pharisees also knew the prophecies, probably better than the average person. Jesus was fulfilling each one of these prophecies, but the Pharisees couldn’t let go. They could not open their hearts to see that the Messiah had truly come.

Jesus gives them sign after sign. And when he finally admits at his trial that He is the Messiah, the Pharisees will not believe. Their minds and hearts are sealed shut.

I pray that my mind and heart will never be closed to the Word of God.