The dullness(?) of life

Morning Light

In an article by Fr. James Schall, S.J. I read the following:

In this sense, no human life, in its living out, is dull. It is a drama played out for the highest stakes against the background of the cosmos itself. The story that each human life reveals in its living out is never dull. It is just not accurately told. Both the beginning and conclusion of any human life reach into what brought forth and sustains its existence.

P.G. Wodehouse’s character, Gussie Fink-Nottle, spent his life studying newts. Lord Marshmoreton preferred a life puttering in his garden. We laugh thinking that such lives are wasted on insignificant things. But newts and gardens, along with everything else, especially ourselves, are connected with the inexhaustible wellspring of being. Gussie and the English Lord, I suspect, were closer to the heart of things than those folks who find this world merely dull.

And so I thought about my life. I sit in my studio and make jewelry and rosaries, sometime I paint. I work in my yard, swim in my pool, carve on my big rock which looks like a rabbit. And I cook and clean, go to Church, and pray. In living out my life in this way, am I “closer to the heart of things”? I am doing what God gave me to do – for now.