Peter walks on the water

I am reading this book about PeterJesus and Peter on the water. “Peter and Keys to following Jesus by Dr. Tim Gray”. I was reading a section on Jesus walking on the water and Peter calls from the boat and asks the Lord to call Peter to Him. We all know the story. So here is my question which I have been pondering for some time. Matthew 14:27-31 Peter starts to sink and the Lord catches him, reaching out His Hand to Peter. So in my mind’s eye I am seeing the scene – this is the way I love to think about the Bible stories. Maybe I am in the boat looking on, watching the scene unfold. After Jesus catches Peter, they walk on the water toward the boat. What an awesome experience that must have been! I imagine Peter often thought about that – the feel of the water under his feet, his hand in the Lord’s Hand, the breathlessness of the experience, the look on the other apostles’ faces, their questions afterwards! Perhaps like experiences I have had, I know that they happened, but as time passes, I have to keep telling myself that it happened because it all seems so unreal. I wonder if Peter felt the same.