Mary Magdalen

I was thinking the other day how difficult it must have been for Mary Magdalen and the other women to return to Jesus’ tomb. Most of us, me included,  don’t like touching a dead body especially of someone we love. It seems so permanent and unreal. It is cold. In the case of Jesus, His body was so tortured, so broken and hurt, it would have taken real courage to touch Him again, to remember those last hours of His life on earth.

When someone close to us dies, the feelings we have are so visceral. It is as though our guts are ripped out. The pain is often unbearable.

For Mary and the other women who have grieved the past two days to re-visit the grave, to open themselves to re-visit and re-experience those first feelings of grief – who would want to experience those things again? Would I have the courage to do that? I guess only those who loved much. They were women of great courage and great love. Perhaps in caring for Jesus’ body, for washing and anointing Him, for re-wrapping Him in clean linen sheets – it was the last time they could show Him their love, though they thought Him gone.