A different kind of examen

I have been wanting to do this at night. This might be right for me.

An Annunciation Examen

1) The Angel Gabriel visited Mary of Nazareth with a message of Good News.

  • The Lord sends messengers to us each day.
  • Who has been Gabriel to you today?
  • What was their message?

2) The Angel says: “The Lord is with you.”

  • When did you experience and sense God’s presence in your life today?

3) The Angel says: “Do not be afraid.”

  • Has there been angst or undue worry? What was it?
  • Offer it to God. Ask him to replace your fear with peace.

4) The Angel says: “You have found favor with God.”

  • Today, did I do or say something unbecoming of God’s favor toward me as His beloved son or daughter?

5) The Angel says: “The Holy Spirit will come.”

  • Acknowledge how the Holy Spirit was present to you throughout the day.
  • What fruit of the Spirit did I manifest?
  • What gift of the Spirit do I most need right now?
  • Ask for His guidance tomorrow in all that you do.

6) The Angel says, “Nothing is impossible for God.”

  • Today, did I doubt God’s providence? Repent. Celebrate what God has done for you today, the possible and impossible.

7) Mary says, “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord, may it be done to me according to your will.”

  • How have I been a servant today?
  • How do I expect God to use me tomorrow?
  • What is God’s will for me right now? This week? Next month? Ask Him to reveal His will.