Oremus Mark 10:46-52

Mark 10: 46-52

The story of blind Bartimaeus. I love this story about a blind man who hears that Jesus is passing by him, on the road where the man is begging. Bartimaeus calls out to Jesus, even though the crowd tries to stop him. Bartimaeus calls louder and Jesus asks for him. Bartimaeus threw off his cloak and ran to the Lord. Then when asked by Jesus what Bartimaeus would have Him do for him, Bartimaeus replies, “my teacher, I would see.”

There is so much here, so much I recognized before. This morning I thought more about the story and thought that at the end of my life, I would like to throw off this human garment, which is my body, and run to the Lord. When I read about St. Therese, she did this though she started much earlier. And then later today, I was touched by the words of Bartimaeus, when he says “my teacher”. Jesus is my teacher. He teaches by His Words and by His actions. I just need to watch and listen.