Oremus class Romans 8:22-27

Romans 8:22-27

I read this in the Adoration Chapel during my regular hour. I couldn’t help but think how this coincided with the study of Genesis which I am doing with the ladies Scripture study this year.

“all creation groans” – even the animals whose lives were never meant to be as they are, for death was not in the world when they were created. We did this – by our disobedience, we brought death into the world, not just for us but for those creatures who share this earth with us.

“And hoping for what we cannot see means awaiting it with patient endurance.” Isn’t that what we do – wait and live. We wait for Jesus’ second coming or perhaps for our own demise, when we will meet the Lord.

“The Spirit too helps us in our weakness, for we do not know how to pray as we ought.” Sometimes I have known this, when I lack the words but then the words are there, as though the Spirit is praying through me. And I thought this was interesting: “the Spirit intercedes for the saints as God himself wills”. We are taught this – that God answers prayers that conform to His will.