Oremus class John 15:1-17

John 15:1-17

“I am the vine, you are the branches.” So begins this long passage of Christ speaking with His disciples. It is a beautiful reading. I remembered that God planted the Jews in the land of Israel, but Jesus was the true vine. The Father is the vine grower, the one who tends the vine, waters and fertilizes it.

Jesus tells us that we are the branches growing on the vine. As long as we remain attached to Him (abide in Me, He says), we will bear fruit. But if we detach ourselves from Him, we will be cut away and thrown into the fire. If we remain attached to Him, we will be pruned by the Father to bear more fruit, just as a grape vine is pruned. Pruning is painful – no one wants to be pruned.

Jesus tells His disciples: “You have not chosen Me; I have chosen you.” Looking at myself, at my faults and mistakes, I am amazed that I was chosen. What have I to give to the Lord, to His work?

I pray that I will remain on and with the True Vine, our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit encourage and help me to persevere in this life, so that I can be with them in the next. My greatest fear is that I will walk away from Them and spend eternity alone, without God.

Jesus also tells us that if we are His friends, we will obey His commandments. His new commandment is : “love one another as I have loved you”. It is hard to love. There are people who so disturb me that I need the Lord to help me love them.