Jill has fallen again

John called me yesterday, as I was preparing for luncheon guests. He said Jill had fallen and was being taken to Seton Williamson. I visited with her last evening. Jill broke her leg just about the knee cap and need surgery, which will be today. The doctors will put a steel rod in her leg with some screws. Sounds just awful.

The surgery was today. She is now in ICU. I hope she has a good night. Thank you God.

After more than a week, Jill is now in the Bertram Nursing/rehab facility. She told me that she will be taken to Marble Falls three times a week for her dialysis. When I visited the nursing assistant told Jill that since it takes several people to get her up, as Jill seems unable to help, they will be using a Hoyer lift with a sling to get her out of bed. I predict this will create problems. I told Jill that I will visit on Thursdays and Sundays and asked that she keep her phone on so that I may get in touch with her.

After a terrible phone call from Jill yesterday telling me how lonely she is, I visited with her today. Perhaps she listened to my advice, as she was sitting outdoors with a group of smokers – smoking herself. I had told her to wheel her chair down the hall and strike up a conversation with people until she finds one who will talk to her. Perhaps she did that.

Jill has been in a nursing rehab in Bertram. I have been visiting her twice a week. Then on Sunday she complained that her knee was swollen. After having the day nurse examine it, the head nurse later had an ultrasound done and a clot was found. Blood thinners were prescribed, but Jill was later taken to Seton Williamson. They will monitor her blood there and also do dialysis. I think she will be more comfortable. And I trust the hospital to be more aware of the clot situation. She may have more than one, though I hope not.