Experience after Communion on June 11

A strange experience after Communion last evening – as I knelt after Communion, of course thanking Jesus for all He has done for me, praying for those I know who are ill, I prayed as well for my two sisters, that they would be with Christ in heaven, close to His Heart. I imagined Jesus standing there – well, I don’t know if I imagined or not – I just saw Him in my mind’s eye, kind of grey and white tones, not like I might imagine Him, and I saw Jeannie and Christine standing behind Him, waving at me and smiling at me. Of course, you know I cried. I hope that image is true, that they are whooping it up in heaven (as Karen would say). And I found myself asking that they will save a place for me, and Jill too. It is strange to me what prayers come to mind, almost unbidden, that reveal that true wishes of our hearts. I hope to talk with Jane Bradley about this when I see her on the 24th of this month.