Hymn – Come, Lazarus

Sung to the tune of Amazing Grace:

amazing grace“Come, Lazarus,” the Savior called;

and from the stony grave

came forth his friend, from death unthralled,

to show God’s power to save.

It was no light or easy task

to wake this one who slept;

the Healer feigned no callous mark:

moved deeply, Jesus wept.

Fill us with your compassion, Lord,

our fear and pride remove,

till all our lives enflesh your word

and bear your wounds of love.

Convert our wills and make us whole;

wean us from selfish strife;

transform each heart and mind and soul

with your abundant life.

Then send us forth to show your love

in every time and place,

that healed and healing, we may prove

the channels of your grace.