As I was reading and thinking about the Magnificat morning prayer this morning, it occurred to me how vulnerable Jesus makes Himself. I was thinking about the Chapel in Seton Hospital, the quiet place where I sought refuge for a time during Erin’s surgery. The waiting room was so noisy that I told Larry that I would go to the Chapel to sit. Not wanting for me to wait alone, Larry accompanied me. He left after a few minutes to return to Georgetown, as he had a doctor’s appointment. I remained in the Chapel for some time to pray that my daughter’s surgery went well and that she would fully recover.

Catholic TabernacleAs I entered the Chapel, my eye was drawn to a Tabernacle in the far corner of the room. I suppose I must have searched for it, knowing that this was a Catholic hospital. Then I looked to see if a red candle was lit, and it was. I knew then that Jesus was “literally” present in the form of the consecrated Bread in that small box, which is reminiscent of the Tabernacle in the Holy of Holies in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. Knowing that Jesus was there, with me, in such an intimate way, was such a great comfort in my state of mind.

So, as I sat this morning -thinking, I realized how vulnerable the Lord makes Himself, to be present with us whenever we need Him. He is there in the Tabernacle to love, but there are those who do not understand, who choose to hate Him, to denigrate His Presence, to try to destroy what they do not understand. I guess it has always been that way with Christ. Coming as a small child, living the life of a peasant and then an itinerant preacher, dying a criminal’s death – He has always been vulnerable. He opens Himself up to be loved or to be hated – that is how great His Love is. I cannot understand such Love.

Thinking about myself, about my sins, about my denials of Him – and yet He still loves me. It is humbling to think about. Lord, change my heart; help me to love You more.