March of the Baby Toads

baby toad2

About a month or so ago we had quite a bit of rain. Within days we could hear the frogs, toads and tree frogs singing in the stock tank behind our home. Last Saturday, after attending the evening vigil Mass, Larry went outdoors to pump water from the collecting tank to the storage tanks behind our home. I was indoors preparing to make us dinner. Larry came in and asked me to come outside right away, that he had something to show me.

All over the sidewalk, in the grass behind the house and in the flower beds were hundreds of baby toads (frogs) – it is kind of hard to tell because they are so small, but they do hop like toads. The picture above shows how small these little creatures are. It wasn’t possible to obtain a good photo, as the toad (frog) was moving a little faster than I could focus the camera.

I decided to check on the swimming pool, to see if any of the little ones were stuck in the pool. Over the next 30 minutes to an hour, I was able to rescue 25 little creatures and relocate them to where I thought they would be safe from drowning. Since then I rescue about a half dozen little toads or so a day, who have been unlucky enough to jump or fall into our swimming pool. Even those who seem dead on the bottom of the pool often revive once they are safely out of the water.

Why is it we were privileged to witness this event? Or to help rescue these helpless, harmless little creatures. They might have “marched” at a time when we were out or asleep, and we would have missed it all. The only explanation we have come up with is that God sent them for our delight, for our joy.