John 15:14

Today’s Gospel reading was from John, chapter 15 verses 12-17. The following verse 14 really got me to thinking:

“You are my friends if you do what I command you.” I started thinking about when Jesus began making “special friends” as He began His public ministry – after His baptism by John the Baptist. How delighted He must have been when Andrew and John, the Evangelist, approached Him and asked Him, “Rabbi, where do you stay?” from Chapter 1 of John. Did Jesus’ heart skip a happy beat? Did He smile inwardly thinking that these two might become very good friends, friends who would accompany Him all the rest of His days? It pleases me to think that it might have been so.

I know how special it is for me to have made those “special friends”. The process of making special friends, the early conversations when we are just getting to know one another and then later the sharing of our most secret thoughts – those are the most happy of experiences and memories. I thank God for these special friends.