John 10:1-10

lost lamb foundThe Good Shepherd – John 10:1-10

This was one of today’s Mass readings: I keep remembering an image from a dream – I think it was a dream. There was darkness, the darkness of an early morning. A man – a shepherd – was leading his flock, walking ahead of the sheep, his staff in his hand. Behind him in numbers too large to count were his sheep. The lams frolicked around the edges of the flock, as lambs will do, but still managed to keep up with the rest. The sheep were following the shepherd up a steep mountain, going to where the sun was rising, behind other distant mountains. Except for the sun which was a pale blue white, all the colors in the dream were shades of blue. It was a scene of great peace and purposeful. Thinking about the scene makes me calm, almost happy as I pray that I am there, in that flock, follow the Shepherd.

Verse 3: “The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep hear his voice.” It occurred to me that God is the gatekeeper – we have spoken of this often. When our lives are over, the gatekeeper (God) comes to take back His gift of life that He has entrusted to us. Then Jesus calls out to us and we willingly follow Him home, for we know His voice.