Mary’s final words in “Full of Grace”

One of my favorite movies is entitled “Full of Grace”. The movie is an imaginative re-creation of the last days of Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the movie Mary knows she is passing from this world to be with her Son eternally. She writes to Simon Peter to let him know. Simon Peter sets out at once to be with her and notifies the other Apostles who had been so close to Jesus. These are Mary’s last words in the film. I find the words to be very uplifting even though they are “made up” by the writer, but the words speak truth to me.

“Faith is not about explaining things. It is about living and breathing and walking in that Light that is upon us. And we will suffer in that Light.”

“At times our souls will be squeezed and dried down to the very deepest roots. We will weather and grow weary to where we cannot take one step more.”

“The Light will fade to the faintest glimmer, nothing more than a grain of sand on the shore. But the Light will never disappear.”

“This walk of faith comes with a promise. The promise that we will never be abandoned.”

At another point in the movie when Simon Peter says that he is struggling to lead the fledgling Church, Mary tells Peter that he doesn’t have to lead. All Peter needs to do is follow the Master, because Jesus had already blazed the trail. History shows that Peter did follow all the way to the Cross.