Jill’s further adventures

After a week of having a regular dialysis appointment, I felt confident that this stage of Jill’s life was going okay. Then today, while I was outdoors, Jill called from Scott and White Hospital to tell me that she had been admitted. Apparently, while she was asleep, the night before, the tube for dialysis had been pulled out causing major bleeding. Jill was taken to the hospital where a new temporary port was inserted and Jill was given a pint of blood.

Hearing her voice over the phone, sounding so weak and tired, really threw me. I was devastated by the news. I called John and was told the story and that Jill was on her way home.

I called Jill after Mass this evening, and she sounded okay. My prayers during Mass were for her, of course. I am tired. I can’t imagine how devastating this was for Jill. I don’t understand how so many bad things can happen to her.

I thank God that Jill is okay for now. In my heart I don’t have a happy feeling though. I am just waiting for the next disaster to happen. I shouldn’t be this way, but I am.