Jill conditions

Today Jill and her friend John came for a short visit. I had invited them to spend some time with us on Christmas, but since John works on that day, they opted to come today – the 23rd of December. I had made a rice dish that I thought Jill could eat and gave her some to taste and then a container full to take home. We exchanged Christmas gifts. I had made John some peanut butter cookies and bought Jill a fleece sweater – she seemed to like it. I also had bought some crackers – low salt and no salt peanut butter and some salt free seasonings that I thought she could use.

She seems so ill, which she is. Her skin tone isn’t good. Jill had been to a kidney specialist who said that she is nearly ready for dialysis due to her kidney failure. John and Jill have opted to visit with another kidney doctor next month – they hope. I hope the renal diet which she was given will help her.

Jill can barely walk and cannot rise from the chair on their own. They also brought the potty chair that Jill has to use, as our commodes are too low for her.

I have been praying for nearly a year that God would heal her – body, soul or spirit. There has been some healing, I think, as she is receiving Communion each week. But her health continues to deteriorate. Perhaps I should pray that when the end comes for her, that it will be peaceful.

I will try to visit with her for her birthday the 3rd of January. Larry said that day is a Sunday, so if the weather is okay I will drive to Marble Falls. This may be the last birthday I will see her.