Gospel of John Chapter 1

Karen and I have been thinking about all of you. We hope that you are well along on your first lesson. We hope, too, that you are enjoying the lesson as much as we did. On Tuesday we will discuss your answers to the questions. We look forward to seeing all of you at our next meeting.


If you have not started your lesson, remember to read the first chapter of the Gospel of John before you begin reading the commentary in the text. When you have read both the chapter in John and the commentary, then begin answering the questions. We know how tempting it is to think that we know the first chapter of John, as we have all heard parts of it many times through the years. But it really is important to read it again. God has so much goodness and beauty for us. It would be sad if we were to miss opening the gift He has prepared especially for us.


On page 11 of the commentary in your text book – the very last paragraph which begins with “The beginning of the public ministry of Jesus is described.” There is a question which Jesus asks those who are following Him. In the first chapter of John the individuals are Andrew and John, men who will become disciples of Jesus. Jesus asks the two men: “What do you seek?” Karen and I thought that question was for all of us, at all times and places, as we all wish to be disciples of Jesus. So as you go about the rest of your week, think about that question. What would you answer if Jesus were to knock on your door or call you on the phone and ask you that question? We will not ask you to give us your answer in class. The question is a personal one and a reminder that the words we read in the Bible are not just part of an interesting story that took place a long time ago. The words in the Bible are our story as well, for we, too, seek to follow the Lord and learn from Him.


Those of you who asked to be called, will be called by either Karen or me. We will begin making our calls this weekend or at the latest on Monday. This email which we are sending to all of you is just a way of keeping in touch, of sharing little thoughts that Karen and I had during and after we read the material and answered the questions. We hope to email you each week with more questions and/or interesting things which we have learned when working on our study. You may share any thought you had about the lesson with us as well. If you have any questions while doing your lesson, please call Karen or me, or email either of us. We are here to help you.


Since I have listed everyone’s email address on this email, I ask all of you to be courteous to each other. Unless someone gives you permission, please do not use anyone’s email address to send advertisements, political messages or those “chain letter” type emails.