Gospel of John Chapter 2

Franciene and I hope that you are all enjoying this second lesson, and are gaining some wonderful insights from this beautiful Gospel of John. And we’re sure that you’re getting a workout with going back and forth between the Catechism and the other books of the Bible as you work through the questions.

The story of the wedding at Cana can seem so familiar to us, as we have heard it so many times. And yet there is so much to think about within the short story. There is the loving concern of Jesus and His Mother for the young couple at their marriage celebration, and there is the wonderful advice that Mary gives the servants, to “do whatever He tells you.” As the author of the commentary writes on page 22: “You would be hard pressed to find a spiritual director who could offer greater wisdom.”

One of the things that we can ponder in our own lives this week is how Mary often nudges us also in this direction. I know that in my own life Mary has been the catalyst in my spiritual life many times. She always points us to her Son, and to what is pleasing to Him. We can try to follow her example of her willingness to cooperate with God’s grace in our lives, in whatever surprising ways that may be!

We hope that you are enjoying this lesson, and–as always–feel free to call or email either of us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!