Frog Whisperer

frog Erin has called me that, but I think I have lost that title already.

Last evening after dark I made my usual “frog and toad patrol” just to make sure no little critter was stuck in the swimming pool. I didn’t find any toads, frogs or tree frogs and was preparing to go indoors when I noticed a grasshopper floating in the pool. Usually I would just let the skimmer get him, but I felt sorry for the creature and got the net to get him or her out. As I was preparing to capture the grasshopper, I heard rustling in the leaves behind me. As I turned to look, I heard a “plop” in the pool. A frog had just jumped in and was swimming furiously to the bottom. I went indoors for Larry, as those frogs move so fast that I am unable to catch them. When we both came back outdoors, the frog was gone. How, we wondered, did the frog get out? As we were pondering the question, we heard another “plop” and the frog was back. We walked around the pool, preparing to chase the little guy until we could catch him. Before we could get to the frog, he was back out of the pool and cavorting around the bushes. What an amazing set of leg muscles he has!