Oremus Matthew 14:22-33

In this Scripture passage Matthew 14:22-33 we come on the scene after Jesus has fed the 5000. He sends the apostles away, across the sea of Galilee to Genesserat. The wind picks up, the waves rise and after many hours the apostles are exhausted – having been awake and busy for probably 24 hours. They have still not reached their destination. In the early morning hours the apostles see what appear to be a ghost, walking on the water. It is Jesus who calls out to them, telling them not to fear. Peter, always the one to speak out, tells the Lord to command him to walk on the water toward Him. Peter is invited but as soon as the “going gets rough”, begins to sink. Jesus saves Peter, of course.

What does this passage show to me? I couldn’t help but think about my discontinuing taking Communion to Jill as the temperatures are so high. Is this an example of my “not following Jesus when the road gets rough, of not trusting that He would take care of me”? I don’t have an answer to that. Should I not use the brain God has given me?

I did ask the priest in Confession and he said that God calls us to make decisions like this, that we shouldn’t put God to the test.