Oremus Luke 17:11-19

Luke 17:11-19

Jesus and his disciples are traveling to Jerusalem, perhaps for some Jewish feast day. They approach a village which is on the way, perhaps they need to purchase food or are looking for water. It could have been in Galilee or even Samaria; the story doesn’t tell us. Though Jews often didn’t travel through Samaria, Jesus did.

Ten lepers approach Jesus, calling to Him from afar. Perhaps they lived outside the village. Some villagers – relatives, friends, kind individuals – may have set out food and supplies for them. The lepers do not come close though, as the Law prohibits their closeness to healthy people. They must keep their distance. They ask for Jesus help to cure them. The lepers had heard, even in their forlorn state, that many people had been healed by Jesus. They take the chance – curious that they are in a group – to ask for Jesus help. Once Jesus hears their request, He tells them to show themselves to the priest, a requirement for returning to society. While the lepers are on the way to the priest, they realize they have been healed. But only one man, a Samaritan – who was doubly outcast by the Jews – went back to the Source of his healing to give thanks. He fell on his knees before the Lord thanking Him for his healing. Jesus makes mention that ten were healed but only one returned to give Him thanks.

How often do I thank Jesus for all He has done for me? – Not enough.
Lest I forget today Lord – thank  you for saving me, thank you for healing me, thank you for putting so many kind and wonderful people in my life, thank you for your Church, for the gift of the Eucharist, for my family. You give me everything.