Oremus John 3:22-30

John 3:22-30

In this passage we once again see John the Baptist. He is still drawing some to his baptism of repentance. But his disciples are puzzled and even questioned by some Jews. The man whom John had pointed out as being the “lamb of God” was also baptizing in a place not far from them. Why? John reminds his disciples that all comes from God. That he is only the messenger, the friend of the bridegroom – who is Jesus.

Several things jumped out at me: “No one can receive anything except what is given from heaven”. The gift of imaginative prayer comes from God. For this I am so grateful.

John says again: I am not the Messiah.” Why then do his disciples stay with him? He once again clearly identifies Jesus as the Messiah.

“He must increase. I must decrease”. Christ must grow in me. I must open the door for Him.